You’ve heard the buzz about Nutrition 2020 – now be part of it!

We really outdid ourselves this time! There will be so much great science and networking packed into 4 days at Nutrition 2020, it’s like a dozen conferences combined into one.
  • Join dialogues on today’s hottest topics in nutrition. Featured sessions include:

o Great Debates in Nutrition: Should Individuals Avoid Consuming Animal Products to Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease?
o Chrono-nutrition: The Influence of Eating Patterns on Sleep and Metabolic Health
o Precision Nutrition
o Microbiome Research: Progress, Policy, and Promise
o Nutritional Omics
o Infant Feeding 2020 and Beyond
o Middle Childhood
o Improving Intake of Seafood in a Changing Environment
o Food Pantry Interventions to Improve Diet and Health among Low-Income Populations
o The Role of Economics to Support Nutrition Policies and Programs
o And more!

  • Gain knowledge, be inspired, contribute to the global discussions, and make new connections
  • Take a step back from your day-to-day and absorb the big ideas
  • Explore the field’s greatest opportunities and challenges in new ways and from new perspectives.
  • Find out what’s happening with the National Nutrition Institute, the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, and the NIH Strategic Plan for Nutrition.
  • “Connect with the Fed” to learn about federal nutrition research funding opportunities

Register today for Nutrition 2020, May 30-June 2 in Seattle for the immersive education and networking experience for basic, translational, clinical and population scientists and practitioners.

Watch for the Nutrition 2020 Schedule Planner to launch in January!