Nutrition 2020 will not take place May 30 – June 2 in Seattle, WA.

Plans are underway to deliver the same great content and collaboration in new ways

March 27, 2020

After careful deliberation, with the utmost concern for the health and safety of our community, the ASN Board of Directors has unanimously decided to cancel Nutrition 2020, May 30-June 2, 2020, in Seattle, Washington. Due to the impacts of COVID 19, it has become impossible to hold our flagship meeting in person as scheduled.

While circumstances prevent us from gathering in Seattle, we are committed to delivering virtually, to the widest possible audience, some of the content and connection you have come to expect from the top event in nutrition — brought to you this year, at no charge, by the ASN Foundation.  Keep ASN on your calendar for May 30-June 2 for the potential kick off of this ongoing virtual connection.

Where the Best in Science and Health Meet

is not limited by time or place

With your help, we will take a new look at the objectives of Nutrition 2020 to determine how we might still accomplish them from a distance.  That includes facilitating the dissemination of research, making sure that students are able to present their science, helping health care providers incorporate evidence-based nutrition into patient care and providing forums for nutrition professionals in academia, industry, policy, patient care and science communication to share, collaborate, and advance nutrition science and practice. As a nimble and cutting-edge organization, ASN will embrace technology to provide knowledge and collaboration in innovative ways.

Certainly, this change in plans raises many questions. We do not yet have all the answers. We have provided responses to some anticipated questions in this FAQ which we will continue to update. In addition to this communication, we are reaching out directly to speakers, abstract presenters, award winners, collaborative partners, registrants, exhibitors, sponsors and our vendors. We remain committed to keeping you informed of additional details as they emerge. You may direct any questions or suggestions to

This is an unprecedented time. ASN has a solid history of driving the advancement of science and supporting the passionate people who work so hard to improve health around the world. We salute ASN’s past leaders who created the vision of a nutrition-first, nutrition-focused meeting that has become our flagship. We recognize the passion, time, and effort invested by our entire community in preparing for Nutrition 2020, especially the excellent work of the Scientific Program Committee, Councils, Interest Sections, partners, sponsors, exhibitors, our team of convention industry vendors and our host city of Seattle. Out of crisis comes opportunity. As we approach our hundredth year, we will never cease in our pursuit of serving our members’ interests, no matter the circumstances, as we continue to be an innovative, flexible and creative organization.

We look forward to connecting with you virtually this year, and in person when it is safe to do so again. Stay tuned for an announcement about the dates and location for Nutrition 2021.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and support while we work out all the details and we will keep in touch. We wish you good health and spirits as you personally and professionally address issues related to COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Why did ASN decide to cancel Nutrition 2020?

ASN monitored developments concerning COVID-19 from the beginning, and continually evaluated the potential impact on our ability to proceed with Nutrition 2020 in late May in Seattle. It ultimately became impossible to hold the event as scheduled. The ASN Board of Directors made the difficult, but necessary decision to cancel our flagship meeting. There is no higher priority to the ASN than the health, safety and well-being of our community. ASN will always act in the best interest of our community.


Will the Nutrition 2020 be rescheduled?

Given the logistics that go into organizing a meeting of this size and without knowledge of when the pandemic will end, ASN is unable to reschedule Nutrition 2020; however, we look forward to connecting with you virtually this year, and in person when it is safe to do so again. Stay tuned for an announcement about the dates and location for Nutrition 2021.


Will my registration be refunded?

Since circumstances beyond anyone’s control forced the cancellation of Nutrition 2020, registration fees will, of course, be refunded. You do not need to take any action at this time. ASN will contact each registrant by April 15 to help you through the process. Fees for ticketed events will also be refunded. Membership fees paid as part of registration will not be refunded and your membership will continue. Donations made as part of registration will be used as designated towards the ASN Foundation.

You will also have some options. We are working on suggested alternatives such as the opportunity to use your refund credit as prepayment of registration for Nutrition 2021 at 2020 rates, or a donation to the ASN Foundation.


Do I need to cancel my hotel reservation?

If you booked your hotel through official Nutrition 2020 housing, you do not need to take any action at this time. ASN will contact anyone with an official hotel reservation by April 15 to confirm the hotel reservation cancellation process.

If you booked your hotel outside of ASN’s official housing process, we are unable assist you with your reservation. Please contact your hotel, booking agent, travel app or website as cancellations must be made directly with the company and are subject to their cancellation policy. You could offer to provide them with a copy of the meeting cancellation notice if you feel that it will help your case.


Will I be refunded for travel costs?

ASN will not refund individual airline tickets or other travel costs. Please contact your airline or travel agent directly regarding ticket cancellations. If you purchased travel insurance, contact your provider for information and next steps. Many airlines are waiving cancellation fees or considering the action that precipitated your cancellation. Please contact your airline to see if your ticket qualifies for a waiver now, or in the future if waivers are extended.


Where can I get more information on the virtual content?

Watch for more information to come. ASN’s Scientific Program Committee, Councils, Research Interest Sections and Interest Groups will look at each element of Nutrition 2020 and investigate creative opportunities to deliver the content and the connections virtually.  If you have suggestions and would like to contribute to the effort, please contact


Will there be any virtual activities during the original dates of the meeting? My calendar is blocked for May 30-June 2.

Yes, keep ASN on your calendar for May 30-June 2 for the potential kick off of this ongoing virtual connection.


How is ASN able to provide the virtual content at no charge?

The delivery of virtual content and collaboration is supported by the ASN Foundation. The opportunity to fill the tremendous void created by the loss of Nutrition 2020 was a perfect fit with the Foundation’s mission to enhance the activities of our professional Society by deepening the ways in which ASN supports the field of nutrition, including through the dissemination and application of nutrition science to improve public health and clinical practice worldwide, and by advancing the Society’s role as a global leader in nutrition, health, and wellness. The Foundation welcomes donations in support of this unprecedented venture.


Is it still possible to register to attend the virtual conference and how does one do so?

Absolutely! One of the benefits of the complimentary virtual experience is broadened accessibility to the content and connectivity. We are working on the details for how to participate and will share information over the coming weeks.


Will the ASN consider maintaining some sort of low-cost, virtual modality for future conferences in order to improve accessibility to researchers who are not able to travel or afford registration fees?

Providing virtual access to NUTRITION has been a part of our vision for the ASN flagship meeting. One benefit of the current circumstance is the expediting of that vision. While we are working to bring Nutrition 2020 online, we are also looking ahead to a robust virtual presence for the future


Who can I contact for more information?

Our event management team is dedicated to ensuring rapid responses to inquiries and concerns related to COVID-19. Please contact us at