Satellite Events

Reach the nutrition science community with events in your own style and format!

Symposia Overview

Non-CE/CME Satellite Programs provide an opportunity for external groups—industry, trade organizations, government, other scientific societies, etc.—to share and discuss research findings with the nutrition science community in conjunction with American Society for Nutrition (ASN) scientific meetings. Satellite Programs provide attendees with additional educational/informational opportunities.

Non-CE/CME Satellite Programs are not considered part of the official ASN program, and ASN does not endorse the content presented or their proceedings, publications, etc. Proposals for Non-CE/CME Satellite Programs are reviewed by ASN and criteria for acceptance include:

  • Programs must be objective and balanced.
  • Content must contribute to the field of nutrition science.
  • Programs must meet the educational needs of meeting attendees and complement the science program.
  • Program descriptions and accompanying materials must be science-based and not promotional in nature.

Content and Conduction of Program:

  • Programs must be objective and balanced; contribute to the field of nutrition science; meet the educational needs of meeting attendees; and complement the science program. Program descriptions and accompanying materials must be science-based and not promotional in nature.
  • The program chair must be an ASN member.
  • The American Society for Nutrition does not endorse the content presented in Non-CME/CE Satellite Programs or their proceedings, publications, etc.
  • All companies should comply with the PhRMA Code on interaction with healthcare professionals, as listed on
  • ASN reserves the right to accept, reject or condition acceptance, based on ASN’s sole discretion, for any reason, which need not be disclosed to the applicant.
  • Once the application for a Non-CME/CE Satellite Program has been approved by ASN, the event title and content may not change without ASN approval.


*Half day program availability subject to number of full day programs confirmed.

Times and availability are subject to change.

Pricing Includes


The following items are included with the program fee:
a) Recording of the satellite for online viewing on ASN website
b) Promotion of program on ASN’s website, in printed conference materials and to pre-registered conference attendees
c) Standard audio-visual set
d) Function space
e) One (1) professionally-made promotional sign (produced by ASN) outside the room in which the event will take place
f) Pre-registration site to help gauge interest in program

The fee DOES NOT include:

Note: ASN can coordinate some of these items for an additional fee (see below).

a) Speaker travel arrangements and reimbursements
b) Speaker honoraria
c) Food/beverage expenses
d) Meeting agenda/handouts or distributing and preparation of materials.
e) Satellite Registration/RSVP
f) Onsite registration services

External groups/satellite organizers interested in conducting a Non-CE Satellite Program must complete an application form and include a complete program description and agenda for review and
approval. Application forms and a complete list of sponsored symposia regulations that apply can be obtained by contacting Keith Dillon, ASN Senior Director, Corporate Affairs/Vice President ASN Foundation at 240-428-3601 or

Non-CE Satellite Program Services Available at an Additional Cost:

Must be Reserved by April 1, 2019

  • Onsite badge scanning for attendance tracking ($500)
  • Provision of speaker honoraria and travel reimbursement (to include revenue reporting to IRS) (Contact ASN for cost estimate.)
  • Facilitation of the necessary program guidelines, review and compliance to provide CPE credit for dietitians (RDs). In order for CPE credits to be provided for dietitians for Non-CE Satellite Programs, a final agenda and curriculum vitae for each speaker must be provided by April 1, 2019. ($2,000)
  • Extended session marketing services including, but not limited to:
    • Dedicated e-blasts to ASN members ($5,000)
    • Digital advertising ($450+)
    • Exhibit Guide and newspaper advertising (Price varies by ad size and location. Call for details and a copy of the 2019 rate card.)
  • Organizers are encouraged to consider publishing the proceedings of symposia in an ASN journal. ASN is the publisher of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Journal of Nutrition, Advances in Nutrition and Current Developments in Nutrition. All supplement publication proposals require editorial acceptance of the topic and content, and all supplement manuscripts are subject to editorial acceptance following a peer review process. Supplement publication proposals should be submitted before the date of the symposium event and should be formatted as described in the information documents noted below. Supplement manuscripts must be submitted within 4 months of the meeting date. For additional information on the supplement publication processes including the costs of publication:

Questions about publication processes may be directed to Karen King,

For more information on Nutrition 2019 Satellite Programs
including additional guidelines and availability, contact:

Keith Dillon, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs/Vice President, ASN Foundation at and 240-428-3601.

All sponsorship and promotional opportunities are subject to change and availability.

Per ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support it is prohibited to include company logos and product listings of any commercial interests in educational materials and disclosure of commercial support. A commercial interest is defined as any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients.